The Metallic Collection – Fish Saree - Aquamarine Blue

Fish Saree

This series of sarees expresses our love for precious metals and their shades. Find a mix of zari,...

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Fish Saree

This series of sarees expresses our love for precious metals and their shades. Find a mix of zari, thread, pearls, sequins and other traditional and contemporary hand embroidery ingredients on these sarees to make our favourite QoH motifs.

This saree is woven in Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana and hand dyed in Rajasthan which adds a dull lustre to the silver/gold Ganga Jamuna borders and changes the shade of the zari to copper, bronze, beaten silver and other such metal shades.

The Fish Motif:

The symbolic meanings of Fish are varied and quite enchanting!

In Christianity, the Fish is a symbol of abundance and faith. Disciples of Jesus Christ are known as “fishers of men”

The fish is also one of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha. In Buddhism, fish symbolize happiness, partnership and freedom/liberation.

In the Greco-Roman Mythology we hear of Aphrodite and Heros turning themselves into fish to escape from the ferocious Typhon, symbolizing change and transformation.

Ancient Celts believed that a particular fish – Salmon – derived its wisdom from consuming the sacred hazelnuts from the well of knowledge. So if you eat a Salmon, you are probably gaining wisdom too!

As per the ancient African myth, Mangala – the Creator, planted seeds in the cosmic womb from which two fish erupted. So, fish are symbolic of creation and fertility too!

In Norse and ancient European cultures, fish has a symbolic meaning of adaptability, determination and flow of life. Fish are known for exploring the unknown and learning to live intuitively….reminds me of Nemo!

Material: Handloom Cotton.


Colour: Aquamarine Blue. Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

Note: Blouse worn by model is not part of the saree.

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