About Us

Hello! We didn’t think anyone would be curious enough to visit this section. But good to have you here!

Now to harp about our achievements in third person isn't exactly our style. We want to keep it short so we’ll tell you everything that matters to us the most. Keep reading :)

1. What is Queen of Hearts?

Queen of Hearts is a Bombay based Contemporary Indian textile label started by Deepa Mehta. It all started when Deepa’s daughter Ashwami wanted sarees that she could wear. And ever since that day, Ashwami is the muse behind the label. Deepa creates sarees to surprise her daughter. Sarees that have never been seen or made before. Sarees that combine her love for handloom and the ambition to treat every inch of cloth like a canvas of possibilities. QoH is all about the love for good fabrics, sensational motifs, extravagant colours and exquisite quality. Period.

2. Who is Deepa Mehta?

Deepa Mehta has never worn bad cloth in her life. She loves Sarees. She owns 100 at least. Her mom has the best sarees in the world. Deepa’s daughter Ashwami calls her an owl since she can stay up all night. She is a voracious reader and is never without a book. Also, Deepa is the Founder and the creative force behind QoH. And yes, she ALL CAPS BOLD LOVES sarees.

3. Who is Jesal Mehta? 

Deepa is the right brain at QoH. Jesal is the left one. He channelises the neurotic creative energy of this company into administrative zen. 

Jesal loves hats. And rightly so, since he has worn so many hats before he co-founded QOH. Kitchen interior design, check. Films production, check. Real estate project management, check. Father of 2 splendid girls, check. Love for cars, check.

Fun fact - It's Jesal's childhood dream to open a toy shop stacked with his extensive collection of miniature cars.

Until then, he is THE man who makes sure our website is running, our Facebook is kicking and our sarees are reaching. If you’re unhappy with us in any way, he’ll be at the rescue. Promise. 

4. Who are the people behind QoH?

Meet Team QoH! Everyone here works sweat and blood to do a damn good job. Of course, we make mistakes. But we’re learning as we go!

4. What is the Little blue door all about?

You see the Little Blue door in our photos. It’s not a trademark or a studio. It’s where we started QoH. The door has seen us through cotton and Kanjeevaram, through iPhones to DSLR’s. It’s where we have grown from a team of 3 to a family of 10. It’s our happy place. You’ll know if you ever visit us.

5. Do you have pets?

Yes. 2 dogs (Raghu & Jack) and 5 cats (Daku, Tang, Lucie, Luna and Goti)



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