Fabric Buying Guide

Minimum Order quantity for Fabric is One (1) Metre.

The Inventory System calculates in Half (1/2) metre pieces. So if you want 1 Metre, add 2 pieces, for 1.50 metres add 3 pieces and so on.

Price mentioned on the Product Page is the price for HALF (1/2) metre of the Fabric. Final price will be calculated on the Cart page.

Your cart will show your order in number of half (1/2) metre pieces, but don’t get confused and worry whether you will receive that many half (1/2) metre pieces!

We do not pre-cut the fabric. We will send it as one piece only.

The maximum available single uncut length of the fabric is 5.00 metres.

If at any time the system does not accept your order that means the length available is less than the length required by you. Please get in touch with us with your order details and we will let you know when earliest it can be delivered.



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