The Bull Blouse A Western Asiatic Gold Medallion with a head of bearded bull is inspiration for this design. From the Achaemenid period in 3rd-2nd millennium B.C.E. Western Central Asia. The figure of a bearded cow. Currently at The Miho Museum Kyoto, Japan. A midnight blue handloom cotton blouse with single thread hand embroidered bulls.

The Bull represents strength and prosperity.

Material: Handloom Cotton. Care: DRY CLEAN ONLY for the first wash. Can Cold Wash separately thereafter. Do not machine wash. Do not soak in water. Dry in shade. Colour: Red. Colour of the visible product image may vary from the actual product. Please click here for more details. Products cannot be returned / exchanged for colour variations. Delivery: Will be dispatched within 10-14 working days of confirmed order with payment.